Club K9 of Wickliffe – Services We Offer

Club K9 of Wickliffe offers the following Dog Care Services:


Dog Day Care – Small Personilized Day Care, Independently owned


If your dog is home alone, restless, lonely, or just plain bored, quality daycare is a wonderful solution. If you dont have the time you would  like to spend with your dog, then day care is what you and your dog might need. Club K9 of Wickliffe is a safe,clean and fun club for your dog to get that extra affection and stimulation they need to feel happy and rejuvenated.We have been Open for 11 years.. The daycare is fully matted,so your dog can run and jump on a soft floor. We have an itinerary of activities that we do with the dogs, they have plenty of play time but we offer a solid routine which will control the dogs. Less barking, less stress, more fun. We want a social consistency. This is for the benefit of your dog. During the day your dog can play on the equipment and run with their new friends, then its nap time, relaxing classical piano arrangements, or calming tropical  Music . Afternoon is Happy hour with low fat treats and bottled water.(Yes everyone gets bottled water) And some fun happy music, that is played inside and out. In the summer a dip in the dog bone pool. And new to the Club is our water mister, the dogs love this. It keeps them cool in the summer. We also show movies at the Club, we have a super projector that we play dog movies on. It gets them to focus and keeps them entertained. They love movie time.  We are the first daycare to offer this!  Your dog also gets a report card informing you of his day at the Club. Let us know when your dogs Birthday is we celebrate with a dog birthday cake and some fun entertainment at no charge!  We LOVE Partys . Come see our new addition lots more room inside and out.  New out side equipment for your dog to play on. The dogs love our new out door agility equipment, the new ramp and tunnel. What a great day at Club K9!


Join The Club… The Coolest Club for Dogs!

Private Lessons – Puppy Classes   –   Pack Walks

Private lessons are one on one with a certified trainer. You need to start with a good solid foundation of obedience. This is the way to communicate with your dog. You will be taught certain commands but most important your dog will learn that this type of training is for life.Depending on the temperament of the dog and the commitment of the owner , the amount of private lessons will be determined at the time of the evaluation. We can solve your problems and help you enjoy your dog. He will be happier too.

A dog who is unbalance, anxious, and neurotic is not a happy dog. They need discipline, structure, and rules in order to thrive in their environment . They need to be taught to relax and shut off at times, they need to know what is expected of them, and they need to be taught skills in order to handle daily life. All of this is accomplished through training and leads to a balanced and happy dog. We have several programs to pick from that includes lots of extras . Call to set up an appointment  to see what we can offer you. And what the would be the best way to help you train your dog. Evaluations are $25.00 if you decide to take our training that fee goes towards it.


PUPPY CLASS   Sept 12th 2020  (Offered for Puppys 12-18 weeks of age )   Private puppy class $150.00 we now offer private puppy classes , you have an advantage of one on one with a certified trainer. You will learn everything you need to know on how to crate train, proper toys, what to do about play biting, how to socialize, a free day of daycare is included , field trips  and more.

PACK WALKS      $10.00   Come walk and train your dog with a pack we walk in the Club or outside weather permitting. pack walks for 2020 to be announced. ( indoors) We will announce our Next pack walk. 


 Dog Tub at the Club

Dog wash, you can wash your dog here too! Beautiful tub easy to get into.  Leave us the mess, we provide everything just bring in your dirty dog,we use the best shampoo,conditioner,detangler.    Dog wash  $15.00 for the average size. Med to large dogs 20-25.00 Nail trims  still $10.00.   Call for available times.