Club K9 of Wickliffe – Pricing For Our Day Care

Top Dog
Full time Day Care, 3 days a week,
1 dog 3 days $78.00
1 dog 1 day …. Cost  $28.00

1 dog 2  days ….Cost $56.00

2 dogs 1 day……..Cost $56.00

2 dogs 2 days……. Cost  $78.00


(The evaluation is only for daycare dogs who come to the club on a regular basis this is not for overnight boarders)

Evaluation takes about 2 hours or longer.. if your dog is accepted he can stay the rest of the day and be charged the day care fee.

All dogs who come to the Club for Daycare are members. Payments for day care are due the first of the Month and an Invoice will be sent to your email 1-2 weeks ahead of time. Our day care is an on going service,please plan carefully as we offer small personalized groups. *We do not offer seasonal daycare.* If you decide to stop for a month please be aware you have given up your spot in daycare and we cannot hold it. If you pay for the month that  you are returning we will hold your spot.
We have a NO Cancellation Policy …. Why? It guarantees your spot in daycare Things happen and we don’t want your dog to miss his play day.  You are still charged for daycare if you go on vacation, day care is paid monthly    ( We do not give a money credit, unless we have to close due to the  weather or your dog is having surgery . If you miss your daycare day you are still responsible for payment. Its up to you if you come or not . Your spot is held until you tell us otherwise.

Pet Sitting: $35.00- 40.00  a day. All the benefits of Daycare , No commitment. We can watch your dog for a full day if you need to go somewhere or are working late. Please give us at least a 24 hr. notice.  Only available if we have an opening. Please call for hours. Minimum hours 4- 6

OVERNIGHT BOARDING:    Please call for availability…  Our Boarding  includes:  Daycare,(if your dog can be with other dogs) 3 large  Play areas , (fully matted.)..Activities, field trips, walks, weekend Movies too. We have a large secure area for night time and kennels if your dog feels more comfortable in one. Human companionship while your dog sleeps. Your dog will have a fun day at the Club cage free! They will feel like home. Call about drop off and check out times .  1 day $50.00    2 or more days, $48.00.  $90.00 a day for 2 dogs.  The 2 dog rate is only for dogs that live in the same household. Because of the popularity of this service, please call in advance, space and dates are limited.  . We need at least two weeks notice, If an emergency occurs and we have space, we will board your dog without prior notice . PLEASE CALL FIRST. HOLIDAYS  are at a different rate  . A $75 deposit is required to secure your reservation.  Please note! deposit are not refundable so make sure of your plans . We require half down  for the holidays . Dogs that cannot be with other dogs and need a separate area to stay it’s $55.00 a day.   Come check us out or call us for a tour.  PLEASE READ : CHECK IN 10 am  !   CHECK OUT 10 am!  There are no longer late Check out times on Sundays. Check out times on Sundays are between 10 am- 11:30 am.  You can take advantage of our early  hours ONLY on Monday Wednesday or Friday open at 7:30 am. THE NEW PRICES TAKE AFFECT JULY 5TH, 2021

We cannot hold over night spot with out a deposit.

All of our staff has taken a Pet first aid course.

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