Club K9 of Wickliffe – An Introduction to Our Team

Virginia Francis:

Virginia FrancisVirginia Francis is the owner of Club K9 of Wickliffe and a Certified Professional Trainer (CPT) Virginia received her professional certification after completing an intensive course at National K-9 in Columbus Ohio. Virginia participated in a combination of: classroom instruction; hands-on training experience; written testing, and extensive field evaluation under the supervision of experienced instructors.National K-9 is a professional school that is regulated  by the OHIO STATE Board of Career Colleges and Schools.

WhenVirginia attended National K-9 School of Dog trainers in Columbus Ohio, she received endorsments in the areas of Obedience training, behavior modification, breed identification and utility. She belongs to the NK9DTA,National K9 Dog Trainers Association. Certified with Martin Deeley International School for dog trainers on the use of remote electronic training collar. She is a member of the IACP, International Association of Canine Professionals and a Certified Pet Saver technician,American Kennel Club (AKC) Canine good citizen evaluator and TDI Therapy Dog International evaluator.

Virginia had 4 Rottweilers   Boo , Blue, Gina 2 (14 yrs old) rescued On Dec.10th 2011 and  Mr. Big Head, rescued March 2012.  And her husband Bob. Her very first Rottweiler was Babe.

Her love for that breed got her involved with Rottweiler rescue. She has placed many Rotties with Inky Rottweiler Rescue. She had 2 therapy dogs Eva and Gina. They are registered thru Therapy Dogs International. Eva was 12 years old and has passed away. Gina passed away Sept.25th 2011 she was 9 years old and  was a  cancer survivour.

Virginia continues to attend continuing education workshops and seminars each year. Her goal is to help educate people on the importance of training there dogs so less are surrendered to shelters because of behavior problems.Club K9 offers workshops through out the year for trainers and pet owners. Workshops are Spring and Fall.

Virginia went to the town of Rottweil in September  2011 meet with the only Rottweiler breeder in the small town now. What an experience! Very few rotties and they all have tails. Virginia now owns one dog Name Quarter

to one (Quart for short) MR.Big passed away June 17th 2020 Best Rottweiler Ever!

Virginia now helps with training the dogs at the  Prison program at Lake Erie Correctional Institution Conneaut Ohio

SEPTEMBER  19TH 2012 Ceaser workshop in California! Virginia attended the Ceaser Millian workshop . What a great experience to meet Ceaser Millian. Out of the 200 people that applied 38 where in the workshop. Pack walks, being a leader, understanding how dogs think. It was truly amazing!

Febuary 2013 Robin McFarland Business Workshop Celebrity Cruise

August 24-25th 2013  Kyra Sundance  Trick Dog Workshop

Nov. 2013 Aggression Workshop Tyler Mutto Mansfield Ohio

September 17th -20th 2014  International Association of Canine Professional Conference   Alexandria Virginia

February 2015 Workshop Agility Weekend  Las Vegas Nevada

April 18th -19th 2015 Puppy primer workshop Club K9 with Linda Keim

October 2015 2 days  Jay Jack   workshop

November 13 2015  workshop Columbus Ohio..  Nose Work! Virginia will be attending a workshop for scent detection, great workshop

search and rescue, scent detection !

April 22/24 2016 Dogmanship workshop with Chad Mackin  Club K9

August 21-27th 2016 Dog sledding Juneau Alaska

March 2024 attended the Comedy pet theater in Las Vegas, Nevada

Nicky Suglia- Office Manager/Vet Tech

Sharon Ott…..owns 2 dogs and lives in Wickliffe

Sheila Basing- Owns 2 Huskies and lives in Wickliffe