Online Boarding Agreement

Clubk9 of Wickliffe
30400 Lakeland Blvd.
Wicklife, Ohio 44092

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  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Additional Info Required

  • Please describe the brand of food you feed your pet(s) and the following details regarding their feeding time and quantity.
  • Boarding:


    Check in / Pick Up Times:
    Monday - Friday 9am - 10am
    Saturday: 10am
    Sunday: 10:00am
    Dogs staying after 10am check out will be charged for the Day. ALL MAJOR HOLIDAYS ARE EXTRA CHARGE
    Your dog will live in Club K9. Your dog will be cared for as one of our own. We will do our best to keep your dog on your schedule and use words familiar to your dog. Your dog will be taken for walks and have “playtime” in the fenced in backyard where it will be allowed to interact other dogs being boarded at the same time.

    The $50 deposit reserves your spot, if the deposit is not received with 5 days prior to your initial boarding date your spot will be forfeited. Please plan carefully as our boarding deposit is non-refundable.
    Deposits are now only cash or check.
    Please note- Fee will be charged for not completing your stay. </ *PAYMENT IS DUE IN FULL WHEN YOU CHECK IN YOUR DOG *.
  • Cost of Boarding is $43 per day, so please multiply that by how many days of boarding you will need and put the final estimated tally. Ex: 2 days of boarding x $43 = $86.00 One day boarding is $48.00... 2 dogs SAME household $80.00 a day
  • Bath = Starting at $15 depending on size of dog. Nail Clipping = additional $10
  • Please select this option to mark your consent regarding our required $50 deposit for your reservation.
  • Please put the total here.
    Also this is to be PAID on CHECK IN
  • Please Review The Following Conditions Below & Sign Online

    A. Club K9 shall exercise reasonable care to maintain a clean, safe and secure environment for the dog while in Club K9s care. The dog shall be fed properly and regularly; shall be housed in its own quarters; shall be brushed, cleaned and groomed as needed; and shall not be allowed off of Club K9s premises without the consent of the owner.

    B. If the dog shows evidence of a medical problem while under the care and control of Club K9, Club K9 shall have the right to take such measures as deemed necessary, without being liable to owner, for the health and safety of the dog, including the right to administer medication or obtain an evaluation and treatment by a veterinarian of Club K9s choice. If, in the opinion of Club K9 or the veterinarian selected by Club K9 the cost of the treatment will exceed the amount of seventy-five dollars ($75.00), reasonable attempts will be made to contact the owner, and/or the veterinarian designated by owner, above, for further instructions. In the event that the owner or designated veterinarian cannot be contacted, Club K9 or the veterinarian selected by Club K9 may, without liability to owner, provide such emergency medical treatment as is deemed necessary to preserve the life and health of the dog. Owner shall pay the cost of all treatment provided for in this paragraph, in addition to the contract price, prior to the dog being released to the owner.

    C. Club K9 will exercise the utmost diligence and care to protect the health and safety of the dog. However, owner agrees that Club K9 has no liability for loss of or damage to the dog or owner’s other property resulting from fire, disease, illness, virus, escape, theft, death or other unavoidable causes. After the dog has been returned to the owner by Club K9 Club K9cannot and does not accept any responsibility for the illness, injury or death of the dog or of any person or animal or damage to any property, caused by the dog

    D. Owner represents that owner is the legal owner of the dog; that the dog is free and clear of any mortgage or other encumbrance; that the dog has not been exposed to distemper, rabies or parvo within the past thirty (30) days; that the dog has been inoculated as shown above; that the dog is currently and properly licensed; and that the owner has read this agreement in its entirety. Owner agrees to drop off and pick up the dog from Club K9at the times designated by this agreement.

    E. Owner gives Club K9 permission to take dog off premises for exercise or training purposes and medical care.
  • Please type in your full name here thereby giving your full consent to this online boarding agreement
  • Additional information - Please Read!

    1. Please provide a supply of the dog food you are currently feeding your dog. Please DO NOT BRING FOOD BAGS, MUST BE IN CONTAINER.

    2. Please put your dog food in a zip lock bag or a container! Sorry we cannot take dog food bags please put in a container. ! Put your dogs name on it

    3. Please provide any medications that will need to be given while your dog is with us (i.e. heartworm and/or flea protection)………….. no charge to give medications.

    Check in is 10:00am
    Check out is 10:00am

    After 10:00am you will be charged for another day. There is not charge for 10:00am check out.

    We open on Sundays at 10:00am

    Please be on time. Thank you so very much!

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